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Network Camera


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No.1 Software of Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Lite [Firmware] [NCR_VS_LITE] [NCR_VS_LITE_CN]


File NameVersionSizeRelease NoteDateNote
ncr_lite_v405R02.exe 4.05R02 30.6MB ncr_lite_v405R02.pdf 2017.4.19 NEW


File Name Version Size Release Note Date Note
ncr_lite_v405R02cn.exe 4.05R02 31.2MB ncr_lite_v405R02.pdf 2017.4.19 NEW

The Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Lite provides for free some of the functions
from the Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Ver. 4 (paid-forversion), and is used in order
to view images from network cameras as moving images with JPEG, and recordimages.
To use this product you must consent to the terms and conditions for thisproduct (license registration is not required).
This document is the document used in the Network Camera Recorder withViewer Software Ver. 4 (paid-for version).
Some areas, such as some product names, may not conform to this software.

When registering cameras, performing settings changes after registration, or accessing cameras,
the camera's Audio transmission/reception setting is automatically changed to "Interactive"
(or "Mic input" for cameras that do not have audio transmission functions).
This software has the following restrictions.
  1. A maximum of 16 cameras can be registered.
  2. Connected cameras can only use the JPEG data format. MPEG-4 and H.264 are not supported.
  3. The highest resolution that can be used is VGA (640x480).
  4. A maximum of 4 cameras can be displayed on the multi-monitoring window at the same time.
  5. The following functions cannot be used:
    Remote Access, File Conversion, Time specified color night view, Preset Sequence, Forward,
    Check the Connection with the Camera, Event detection recording (Motion Detection, Alarm Detection, etc.),
    Control when event is detected, SSL connection with the camera, and Import/Export.
  6. Support service is not provided for this software.
  7. There are no accessories with this software.
  8. Please uninstall this program before installing the Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Ver. 4 (paid-for version).
  9. It is not possible to install the both of pay-for version and free version in 1 PC.
  10. WV-SW450 series or WV-SF430 series network cameras that have image capture mode set to quad streams are not supported. (NTSC/PAL Only)
  11. For WV-SW450 series and WV-SF430 series network cameras that have image capture mode set to quad PTZ, the preset and PTZ function are available only for the top left screen. (NTSC/PAL Only)
  12. For WV-GXE100/500, preset position are not available and preset button is displayed in gray. (NTSC/PAL Only)
  13. For WV-GXE500, only video channel 1 is available. (NTSC/PAL Only)

No.2 Manual of Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Lite [Manual] [NCR_VS_LITE]
File Name Size Version Note
(Operating Instructions)
(Important Information)
4.03MB PGQQ1015ZA
(Operating Instructions)
(Important Information)
4.14MB PGQQ1017ZA
(Operating Instructions)
(Important Information)
4.20MB PGQQ1021ZA
(Operating Instructions)
(Important Information)
4.15MB PGQQ1019ZA
(Operating Instructions)
(Important Information)
4.16MB PGQQ1023ZA

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